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Conicle's office is specifically designed to cultivate a pleasant work environment that sparks joy. The decor features many unique and personal touches, including elements preferred by the CEO himself. The theme of "Mission to Mars" is a favorite, as it symbolizes challenging the team to achieve the impossible.

Splash Box: Revolutionizing Your Boxing Experiences

The office of European firm is a new investments in asia, including financial services, fund investments and clean energy.

The "Beauty of Nature" concept is still carried on from the previous Apex clinique to this one but we minimize the shape and curve detail to the minimal one. The beige natural texture wall also has been delivered to this new space but we have added the accent color of our "Shade of Purple" as the featured wall.

A very new concept for Appsynth's new space has been created by the Appsynth team, "A Home Away From Home" is the main idea of Appsynth's space.

"Beige" is a color tone we pick to apply throughout the area, introducing the natural tone from the start in the reception area, waiting area, and all the treatment rooms. The graphic and signage are so neutral as "White on white" lettering technique blends the space as beautifully as one.

The New building of 10.Design is designed derives from one of the most famous building : Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. Based on our founder who had a chance to receive the Fellowship from FIPSE to study there in Bauhaus, Weimar 2001.

Dr.Orn at Mercury building is the newest beauty clinique branch located in the business district of Bangkok. The clinique space is defined as the character of Dr. Orn's DNA which is beauty, modernity, together with luxury services.

Meet the newest space of Bertram creative hub called "Bertram Co". The main concept of the management team is to have more flexible space for the hybrid office culture.

The conceptual design started with the "Arc of Nature" which implied the beauty of nature. The texture beige panels have been assigned to wrap around the space with the beauty curve design to lead the customer into the space and carry them along throughout the journey.

The main idea is to catch up with the visitor through the lighting design that leads inside with a warm wood panel along the hallway. The warmth of the light wood changes the perspective of a commercial building giving a sense of comfort and relaxation for the purpose of well-being for the visitors and tenants.

BHip new office has located in Sathorn the downtown area of Bangkok. With a new space, BHip team decided to refresh the atmosphere of the office as a very new image of the brand. The "Blue (BHip) street" has been created as a new feature floor that runs along the space.

At Benz BKK headquarter has given the recreation floor for all Benz BKK member, making the 450 sq,m. approx. as a facility area.

The main concept was created by using the grill’s materials such as Copper, Brick, Raw Steel, and Metal Grill until the Firewood’s Texture.

The process to create the new hive begins with how to define the Ookbee’s appearance in real the word.

Absolute U is one of the leading health clubs, yoga, cycling and fitness center in Thailand which aim to complete all the exercise services especially for the efficiently work-out that have been proved from many country all around the world. With a strong point of Absolute U management.

The new flagship of the Precious banking service of Krungthai Bank has completed at Icomsiam, a very new and unique landmark in Bangkok

The new modern and warm welcome space with a new-classic white panel has been created along the bar. The rebirth space has been started with the idea of "fresh",

The main concept of this building is “The Backyard” which reflected their business.

Dream Loft is a private lifestyle bar located in Thong Lor, the hip district in Bangkok that the young people and the new generation loves.

Siam Commercial bank : SCB of Business center is the new and the first comprehensive SME consulting center to assist all the SME Services such as Business Coaching, The Branding Expert, Logistics Strategy, until The Digital Marketing Team.  All together to support and consult for SCB - SME members.

Breaking the stereotype images of commercial factory building

Siam Commercial bank : SCB of Wealth investment center is the project that aims to develop the investors and potential investors as the new bank’s service.  SCB WIC has a lot of experience in the money market in Thailand.

Ookbee City Office is the 2nd office of Ookbee company where the team can join a new & fun workplace in the city. The new venue has "8 Bit" character to conceptualize the space which is where the coding originally has been developed until nowadays

The Cherokee Red flagship store just step away from Sukhumvit

After moving to a new factory, this place has been kept and finally, it was brought to life again to be a place of creation and collaboration for the new generation of Chanwanich company.

Establishing a branch in the new building is a fun ride. Our team pleasant to keep the design simple yet outstanding by making the KTB look modern and accessible.

All of the designed spaces have been created to the main feature also with the customer’s activities such as the learning center for advice and lecture room for a seminar, including the ability to broadcast, we called "broadcast area". The small & large meeting rooms are provided by the finance specialist on-site and also used as the live chat to communicate with outsiders.

How the Scandinavian style character involved into the new office space for financial investment firm

Creative and innovative space have arisen from "ETDA : The electronic transaction development agency (Thailand)

The said deigned area will help to promote the culture of working together as well as to fulfill the desires of the new generation.

The third flagship of the banking service of Krungthai Bank, located at a new venue called "Thai Beverage Quarter" building.

With a new look of "AMG", The Mercedes-AMG performance vehicles combine the best of Mercedes-Benz premium refinement and unique AMG motoring experience.

The second flagship of the Precious banking service of Krungthai Bank, located at a very new commercial building in Bangkok named "Singha Complex"

"Real is Powerful" is the key concept where we design the space with powerful elements.

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