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10design office building explode floor function
10design office building structure
10design office building explode floor BW
10design office building court
10design office building section2

The New building of 10.Design is designed derives from one of the most famous building : Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. Base on our founder who had a chance to receive the Fellowship from FIPSE to study there in Bauhaus, Weimar 2001. We would like to bring the strategy and the atmosphere of learning to the office environment to invent the new design and new experience.

The main concept “x10” is the 10.1 extension space main conference room.  This is why the name x10 came from.  It’s multi function room.  In the working day is the biggest presentation room with the 3 meters projector screen. The cantiliver space has been designed to identical the building structure and also under the room  is the drop-off for the main entrance.


X10 Mensa is the office canteen.  The concept of Mensa derived from the Bauhaus building.  The big multi function space in the 1st Floor.  During working day during lunch works as canteen and during evening sometime could turn to ballroom long table for fine dinning.. Ready for the party. 


The back of the far wall next to pool table was decorated with the Graffiti art from the famous Thai artist ‘LoLay’. Crating the party and fun vibe in the space.



owner : 10.Design

expertise : workplace

discipline : Architecture, Interior design

location : Bangkok, Thailand

area : 850 sqm.

year : 2022


status : completed

photographer : Spaceshift

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