Showroom at Benz Kanchanapisek

With new look of "AMG", The Mercedes-AMG performance vehicles combine the best of Mercedes-Benz premium refinement and unique AMG motoring experience. Benz BKK Group (Thailand) has foreseen the importance of strong and powerful character of AMG.

The new AMG space of Benz Kanchana has been built from the existing showroom space which is quit bright area. The new boundery of AMG has been settled with a new CI of Mercedes-Benz in modern dark scheme. The scheme gas composed with black and variety of grey color. The metal mesh and concrete column has been constructed. The special flooring called "stone carpet" give a racetrack as you are in F1 show. All space and materials has facilitated the supreme performance as spirit of AMG. 

**A work with Benz Thailand and global design