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Cafe' & Gellery

10design cacha bed heritage cafe coffee
10design cacha bed heritage cafe coffee
10design cacha bed heritage cafe coffee
10design cacha bed heritage cafe coffee

Conveniently located in Bangkok, only 30 seconds walk from MRT Samyod station, Cacha Heritage is a prodigious base from which to explore this vibrant city. The building was founded in 1900 by the monarch of King Rama VI with classic Victorian architecture stands alone among Old Town's newer buildings.

With ethically sourced beans, top-drawer machinery, and attractive décor, these 121-year-old hotel-run coffee shops make for far more inspiring spots to lounge, get work done and consume dark sandstone orange than any other old-town street chains.

The whole design of the café is motivated by the traditions and heritage of the Thai-white elephant. Its skin may be light grey, beige, or even have a rosy or pinkish hue. Hence, our team applied these dominant features of the Thai-white elephant into the cafe.

By bringing its skin colors and a part of the elephant's body as inspirations on the design, we used white metal panels embodying into ivory shape and - dark sandstone orange - the closest tone to the elephant's skin color, matching with the house's original floor. Besides, we brought a classic flower pattern from the floor and put it into the counters. 

Meet the new and refresh look of Cacha Heritage, where the café fulfill visitors' desires and flames Thai spirit in their hearts with modern traditional artistic decoration.



client : Cacha bed heritage

expertise : Hospitality & detail

discipline : Interior design

location : Samyod MRT sta., Bangkok,Thailand

area : 115 sqm. approx.

year : 2020 - 2021


status : completed



photographer : 10

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