Data first is a data science and innovation company situated in Bangkok, Thailand. With the leading team and their vision, the renovation project has been set as a new place for young generation office. The existing part of the building has been restored. 

From now on, the office design is not looking for the working area anymore, we are looking for the space that create the activities and connectivity of people. The 3 storey building has combined all teams together, start from the greeting area, server showcase and gym area. The second floor are working area, locker area and also together with the “cafe” where the coffee and snacks are available the whole day. The cafe become a recreation area for everyone to join their meals and snack on their free time. This area emphasizes the connectivity of staff and the visitors. The third floor, apart from the working space is the nap area, the meeting room has no concern about the traditional setting, we provided the variety of seating for activities where the team can sit down, talk , write even walk around and sip the drink in the meeting bar where they can still focus on the same meeting. This kind of varities scene we obsessed over are filled the space which we believe that create the company culture.