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10design etda symposium education space
10design etda symposium education space
10design etda symposium education space
10design etda symposium education space

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society established in 2011 as the primary government body in charge of promoting and supporting electronic transactions and electronic commerce. ETDA works closely with regulators, industries, the public and private sectors to provide a secure and trusted environment for digital economic growth and innovation.


With strong and important missions of ETDA for the country, Growth and progress in digital economy causing the team to see new innovations which will be used to develop and innovate in this industry. Recognizing human especially young people is one of many roles that ETDA has initiated. Creative and innovative space project have arisen under the name “ETDA : The Symposium”. The design concept begins with various of “Thinkers” gathering together.


Cognitive development of people in various fields through various activities had brought up to the brief. We took the differences in the people from generation to generation that united in the same place. Therefore, we started from the relationship with people and space. The connection between the people and space has transformed into the key colors of the project. The schematic of color design has created the values of space from sobriety, trustworthy and credibility to creative, fun and friendly environment. The key bright yellow represents creativity and also casual look which is presented at auditorium, library and co-working space. While another key color is ETDA’s corporate color “blue” , it’s been integrated into meeting/ training room, pre-functions space and recreation area. Each space has been designed according to the characters and the functions to show the connection between spaces which related to people and their relationship.



client : ETDA : Electronic transactions development agency (Thailand)

expertise : Convention & education centers

discipline : Interior design

location : Bangkok, Thailand

area : 1270 sqm.

year : 2019-2020


status : completed



photographer : 

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