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Fascino flagship store


10design fascino flagship store interior
10design fascino flagship store interior

Fascino flagship store is talking about new design and experience of pharmacy store. Our focus lies on the customer’s health as a key. Not only all quality products that present but Fascino has provided the customer advices from qualified experts to ensure that you will get the right solution to enhance your healthy life.

The Cherokee red has combined and embraced the space as the red color which is stand for “Fascino”. The curve ceiling has been designed and integrated with LED trip light along the space. The feature ceiling is retained in shades of red created the yellowish ambient which is a very warmth and welcome vibes. The advisory zone is integrated into the shop where we designed the wood tunnel and white curve just step away from the front.



client : Fascino Thailand

expertise : Retail

discipline : Interior design

location : Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Thailand

area : 155 sqm. approx.

year : 2020

status : completed


photographer : 10.picture by Ten

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