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Office building

10design floyd building office comercial
10design floyd building office comercial
10design floyd building office comercial

Due to expansion in mechanical and electrical engineering staff, Floyd has enlarged teams in every department. 

The sizing of every department has been grown. Increasing the number of employees caused a lack of working space in the original building. Therefore, Floyd desired to build a new building.

We have started with a thought about an eco-friendly and sustainable concept. Since Floyd is an interior design engineering company, the corporation aspires to design's team to make it simple yet functional.

We designed façade to against the Sun path at any time of the year. Then brought "fin" into the exterior design, and we also adjusted the angle and degree of the fin on every single floor. Consequently, the fins look differently on each one floor.

More than that, the Floyd building was built with heat-resistant materials, such as aluminum composites, profiles, and sheets. Since our team focused on sustainability, all of these materials can reflect the heatwave and making the inside building's temperature cool down.


client : Floyd (public) company limited

expertise : Office building

discipline : Architecture and interior design

location : Nonthaburi, Thailand

area : 5200 sqm. approx.

year : 2021

status : completed


photographer : 10.picture by Ten

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