The old city hostel

K.I.T.E hostel is a unique boutique hostel where the location is in the middle of Bangkok old city. K.I.T.E is transformed from the 40-years hotel into a new district as the young-new generation landlord visualize. The new district has been design base on the unique play of Thai's tradition play as "KITE". In the past, Thai people use .ฬ. kite represent Thai kite as we use shape & form of .ฬ. as featured ceiling which is related to the main floor pattern. This reborn place has been programmed to open in 2018.



client : K.I.T.E hostel

discipline : Interior design

location : Bangkok ,Thailand

area : 2,150 sqm.

year : 2017


status : work in process



photographer : -

feature project  :