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Bank branch

10 design krungthai bank branch the reve
10 design krungthai bank branch the reve
10 design krungthai bank branch the reve
10 design krungthai bank branch the reve

This on-going flagship of Krungthai Bank is located on an aged well-known house called "The Revenue Department" building.

KTB @ The Revenue Department has been serving its customers continuously. Now is time for a transformation to change the image to be consistent with the banking culture and the unstoppable technology growing.

The rising of automated machinery is the key to this design rejuvenation. Hence, 10 Design's team turned "The Revenue Department branch" into a brand-new one for KTB needs: Automatic banking machines have been increased for financial transactions and replaced the recent bank teller counters. Not only the automatic banking machines but also augmentation of mini-meeting rooms for money advice services.

More than that, we brought the various shade of blue (corporated color) to feature a design schematic with comfortable seating at the branch's waiting lounge.

Looking professional yet being friendly and pleasant by bringing bright natural wood materials into the mix and increasing the use of lighting for construction, making it clean and easy to understand, as a consequence, reflects the uniqueness of Krungthai Bank.


client : Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited.

expertise : Commercial

discipline : Interior design

location : The revenue department of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

area : 150 sqm. approx.

year : 2021

status : completed

photographer : 10.picture by Ten and Big

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