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Bank branch

10design ktb bank krungthai supreme cour
10design ktb bank krungthai supreme cour
10design ktb bank krungthai supreme cour

The Supreme Court, the final court of appeal, and the final expositor of the Constitution of Thailand can adjudicate cases that appealed on judgments, which has numerous procedures. 

And every single proceeding of practicing laws in the tribunal needs money, but this building has never had a bank before. Hence KTB @ the Supreme Court branch has been established in a confined area of the construction. 

Limited usage space initiated a new design, which is called Micro-branch design. Micro-branch design —  created with a footprint measuring 55 square meters — is a cost-efficient way to scope out the area. Even if the micro-branch provides smaller space than usual, it can run things almost like other full-service branches. 

Our team has inspired the "The Blue Urbanize" idea of designing this micro-branch by KTB@Thai Beverage Quarter, which shows the complete identity of KTB style; professional, clean, yet casual.

We began with the graceful shape of lightings and fully enclosed glass offices, which offer two private consultant rooms and a scaled-down relaxing conference room with visibility to the rest of the micro-branch. Furthermore, the team brought the various shade of blue (corporated color) and bright natural materials to feature a design schematic of sit-down desks for account openings, self-service options, including ATMs and other extended interactions.


client : Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited.

expertise : Commercial

discipline : Interior design

location : The supreme court of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

area : 55 sqm. approx.

year : 2021


status : completed


photographer : 10.picture by Ten 

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