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Bank branch

10 design ktb thibev bank commercial int
10 design ktb thibev bank commercial int
10 design ktb thibev bank commercial int
10 design ktb thibev bank commercial int

The third flagship of the banking service of Krungthai Bank, located at a new venue called "Thai Beverage Quarter" building.

As the same thought as KTB@Singha complex, the bank branch is not just a bank branch anymore, KTB bank has moved to another service of banking as a service point of many products, not just only typical transactions. The meeting room and lounge areas have been designed and replaced the old transaction counters. We believed in a new way of banking service which transform all the total look of the bank branch. 

"The blue urbanizes concept" has been brought to feature all total of the new look. We have started with casual of teller counter, it forms with light casual wood with bright natural stone as island counter style. It encourages a seamless touch point with the customer. The waiting lounge has been set as a foyer with comfortable seating that came with various shade of blue (corporated color). For automated machines where it serves as digitized service nowadays, we have created another foyer for quick and convenient services where customers can be served without disturbing other customers. Meet the new and refresh look of Krungthai bank branch where the bank innovation meets the great experiences. 


client : Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited.

expertise : Commercial

discipline : Interior design

location : Thai Beverage Quarter, Bangkok, Thailand

area : 156 sqm. approx.

year : 2019


status : completed


photographer : 10.picture by Ten and Big

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