Private residence

One of the 10 House design series : Lerd Residence is a large scale of house project in Bangkok. The area of used is about 2,500 sqm. where the house has been composed from family numbers which keep growing day by day.

All member family agreed to live with modern and luxury style where everyone can find its beauty and comfortably in their own space. With green lover's heart, the house has been surrounded by very nice landscape which acquiring a huge yard, golf course and a beautiful pond in the area of 10 Rai approximately. With this ultimate view, the clear glass window along the house allow everyone enjoy the beauty of natural and keep refreshing breath all day long.

With all the solid material, the designed finishing scheme has been selected into the space such as solid teak wood (Thai's traditional wood), mirror and colored glass, natural and marble stone, all of these had constructed the house space where the loose furniture act as soft design scheme for living touch. The finished material and loose furniture have been carefully selected by the family owner and designer team to meet all the requirements and fulfill the house aesthetic.