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Bike park

The Fine Dining in the Urban Style Restaurant. The Mint Café located in the same area with the Peppermint Bike Park.  The Management Team would like to bring the brand “Peppermint Filed” into another direction.  The Mint Café was created by the people who love to exercise and to cycle.  Therefore, the Main Concept in the restaurant is derived from the Bike Park and Bike’s Compartments. Not only the Mint Café serve the fine meals but could be the rare item bike display hanging on the window as bike showroom for those who love the same Cycling Sport… The new destination for the bikers



client : Bertram chemical (1982) co.,ltd.

expertise : Hospilality

discipline : Interior design

location : Bangkok, Thailand

area : 175 sqm.

year : 2016


status : completed



photographer :

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