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Private residence

10design 10casa niwat residence interior
10design 10casa niwat residence interior
10design 10casa niwat residence interior

The Neo-Modern style is the style that we created to escape the monotony of the life modernity that can be found in this modern era of the technology. The hustle and speed of living in the digital age resulting in less relaxation in daily life. With the objective of reducing the hustle and bustle of external factors and create more aesthetics of life while living in the house. The classic style has been brought but by modifying to the modernized. The modernized has been translated into the house by materials and finishing. The main materials are from natural stone, dark wood, and metal. The arch and curve created a smooth and soft atmosphere. The curve has been featured in every room of the house. All curve has been designed specifically to fit with each room. The customized curve-chandelier has been placed as a room feature. The wall accent has been designed to connect each room together. With tailor-made wood-curve add the character of the space and emphasize the charm of the house.



client : Private client

expertise : residential

discipline : Interior design

location : Bangkok, Thailand

area : 650 sqm.

year : 2017-2020


status : completed



photographer : ten

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