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Ookbee City Office is the 2nd office of Ookbee company where the team can join a new & fun workplace in the city. The new venue has "8 Bit" character to conceptualize the space which is where the coding originally has been developed until nowadays.  
The space has composed of a working area and recreation area which is divided by the meeting room and the "8 Bit" wall. But all of the spaces are still connected to each other by the corridor and open meeting area. The town hall is a space to gather staffs and visitor together when conference meeting is required and the Friday party is needed. 



client : Ookbee co.,ltd.

expertise : corporate & workplace

discipline : Interior design

location : Empire Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

area : 250 sqm.

year : 2018


status : completed



photographer : 10pictures by Krissada Sillapachai

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