Community mall & gas station

PTT is one of the most famous gas station in Thailand. With many nodes of stations, PTT has been served and serviced gas & fuel empowering all business industry in Thailand for many years. The most successful point of PTT is not only the quality of products, it is services included. The service building that situated along the station serve every need of people who visited. For example, life style cafe', souvenir shop, 24-hour convenience store.


With the multiplicity of products and services at one place, the dynamic move is represented PTT's core value. This space embodies the character of evolution as "curve facade" with random shape and pattern that imply to the variety of service. The dynamic facade has been created to connect every buildings and activities together. This will created the community of new venue along with GREEN space. The green space is integrated as a part of design feature. The landscape architect blends into the building in every pavement with variety of plant to create the harmony of comfy and relaxation to the audience.