Pu Civilai is one of the luxury resort & residence in Kho Yai, Korat. The location is on the top of the mountain where everyone can perceive 360 panorama view with super fresh air, Pu Civilai is not far from Bangkok which take only 1.5 hours to reach here. Many people fall in love with this place since Pu Civilai has open their first launch of the resort part. Now, this project is the 2nd phase that we design to serve the guests who always come back here in every year. The design concept is came from "Lunar" since you can perceive the ultimate view of Kho yai especially in the night time when the moon will situate in the clear sky and welcome you all along the year..



client : Pu Civilai

discipline : Interior design

location : Bangkok, Thailand

area : 1850 sqm.

year : 2016-2017


status : work in progess



photographer : -

feature project  :