Business center @Central World

Siam Commercial bank : SCB of Business center is the new and the first comprehensive SME consulting center to assist all the SME Services such as The Business coaching, The Branding Expert, Logistics Strategy, until The Digital Marketing Team.  All together to support and consult for SCB - SME members.  


With the new concept “Business Coaching”, transferring the SME Business Center to The Business Arena.  The main feature is the running track field to metaphor as the business competition. The layout plan uses the concept “Open New Inspiration” to open the working area as a co-working space style receiving the new challenging idea for the new business.  The Coaching Clusters at the front of the business unit use as the specific small meeting area for consult individual topic.  SCB - BC Team also has the specialist group of advisers to provide the answer for each customer individually.


The New design of SCB Business Center to invite all the customers also the new investors to join and share the knowledge with the up-to-date co-working style workplace for the new inspiration integrating with SCB - BC advice for the perfect business solution.