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Japanese sushi deli

Shion Sushi is a sushi bar for Japanese sushi lovers. Many menus has been created to serve customer with many flavors as a daily fresh meal. With the fast-living life style, Shion sushi has developed from Japanese restaurant to take away sushi unit located at Emquartier Department store where everyone can access. We came up we the idea of "Japan Blossom" as metaphor to many sushi flavors that serve the customer daily. Many flower pattern have been integrated into the area with fresh and colorful schematic design where we applied the concept as a fresh daily sushi bar. 



client : Create M co.,ltd.

expertise : Hospitality, retail

discipline : Interior design

location : EmQuartier, Bangkok ,Thailand

area : 7 sqm.

year : 2018


status : completed



photographer : by Krissada Sillapachai

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