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Six network has completed a new office space inside the Empire Tower in the heart of Bangkok city. The new workplace provides a workspace that can convert to be a meeting point that allows everyone to drag their chair and join a brainstorming session. The area contains the signature "Blue (white) board", the desks and TV screen on the opposite side which can keep a little privacy form the corridor and the walk-way. The feature ceiling has been designed as task light to provide comfort and sufficient light.

Six network office is a new social workspace that provides a hub for members to work, dine, and entertain with the blue coffee bar where everyone can enjoy their cups all day.



client : Six network co.,ltd.

expertise : corporate & workplace

discipline : Interior design

location : Empire Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

area : 155 sqm.

year : 2019


status : completed



photographer : 10pictures by Krissada Sillapachai

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