Co-working space

"TONSAI" is a name of tree species in Thailand. Thais believe that it bring peaceful and blessing into house or building. This old building is located next to "tonsai" tree where it used to serve in the formal printing industry. After moving to a new factory, this place has been kept and finally, it was brought to life again to be a place of creation and collaboration for the new generation of Chanwanich company. We have retained all of the existing structures and systems but re-design the space for co-working area , town hall , recreation area and cafe within the "Play & goal" concept. The small battle field has been created in the center of space for town hall area to encourage fun, active and productivity among staff and company. This vivid green floor is painted as a sport court for small games during free time and become a lecture room when needed. The wooden step are joinery works that we added in to be a small stadium for audience. By focusing on feature area, wood and metal are key materials for durable and easy maintenance purpose for public space but still fun with graphic and decoration.