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Private residence

TBT-DAF interior V house 1
TBT-DAF interior V house 3
TBT-DAF interior V house 8
TBT-DAF interior V house 5
TBT-DAF interior V house 6
TBT-DAF interior V house 7
TBT-DAF architecture V house 11
TBT-DAF architecture V house 13
TBT-DAF architecture V house 10


The Modern Minimal style house which the owners are Engineer and Dental Doctor.  To escape from the routine works, the theme of the house is mainly dark tone residence and stylish appearance. The Architecture Design is simply with clean engineer detailing together with the earth tone colors to blend in with the garden surround.  The House uses the flat roof BlueMetal sheet clip lock system for the stronger and last long structure.


The Engineer and Dental Doctor owned the stylish house, to escape from the routine works, and the theme of this house is mainly dark tone residence with stylish elements.  The Interior Design used the Fashion Mood Board’s characters as begging the interior design process and applies them into the living function.  The result is unique and attractive dwell.   



client : Private house

discipline : Architecture, Interior design

location : Bangkok, Thailand

area : 650 sqm.

year : 2015


status : work in progress



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